On The Road Again

On the Road Again ornament (white background)

I wanted to use my platform tonight to do a little marketing.  I’ve got a sale going on- my early Black Friday sale!! I have painted a limited series Clemson ornament for the past four years now.  My latest series is called “On The Road Again”.   It recalls all the good feels from the […]


River Rock Design Logo

  You may be one of those who are reading this, and are thinking to yourself. “Why is her business name called River Rock Design- why does her website refer to a river rock? She isn’t painting river rocks, or selling river rock.  Seems kind of odd to me.”  I can understand why you would […]

Why “River Rock”?

My passion is to bring a little touch of original art and beauty into someone’s life using my creativity. Handpainted glass ornaments my specialty, featuring commissioned ornaments to commemorate life’s special occasions. I also paint Christmas ornaments with traditional designs of all sorts (think snowmen, Santa, snowflakes), SC Palmetto art. Baby’s First Christmas ornaments. Anything […]

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