Year of the Tiger

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2022 Limited Series of 375 Clemson ornaments
7th Limited Series Clemson design

Back in 2015, I never had in mind to start an annual ornament design- I just had an idea to celebrate the big victory over Notre Dame in the hurricane rain, and troll a saying that a CBS sportscaster made about the Tigers. I painted 100 of “Lugubrious Clemson Fans”- and in the process, discovered a following for a unique Clemson ornament design!

Seven years, and 6 designs later, I’m proud to present the newest edition. “The Year of the Tiger” was inspired by the tiger being the 2022 Chinese New Year animal. A suggestion of a tiger walking through the jungle got my creativity going. When I think about the world the past several years, as we’ve “roared” into the twenties decade, indeed it feels like a jungle out there. So the jungle depicts that craziness, but the tiger striding forward represents my belief that brighter days are ahead.

I really have enjoyed bringing this design to life with the tropical foliage, the Jungle Book-esque calligraphy and the walking tiger. Hope you will enjoy giving this to your favorite Clemson fan, and adding it to your collection.

Lisa Walton
River Rock Design
CU Class of 1984